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As the years passed after the industrial revolution, various machines and equipment began to be built to support the entire nascent industrial apparatus. Large components and huge parts were needed that could be used to assemble support machinery. To this end, the sector that could offer the most suitable solutions was none other than metalworking and machining, which, together with large machining, could provide all the parts that the rest of the companies and the market required. From that point on, machining large parts started a challenge race that is still maintained today and is constantly evolving. With this passage, new sectors requiring large-volume machines have been born, and for this technology and progress have shown their benefits and contribution to industrial sectors.

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Milling and turning of large machine parts

Machining is the process of working metals by turning, milling, drilling and threading using CNC tools with a fixed geometry and number of cutting edges to remove specific layers of surplus material turning it into chips (known as chip machining).

Temperature – is an important thing to bear in mind when machining large parts. In general, CNC machining generates heat. For example, one of the ways it can generate heat is through friction. When the temperature changes, this leads to a change in the dimensions of the workpiece.

Stress and distortion – When working on large parts using large CNC machining, there is a high chance of stress being introduced into the process, this can lead to distortion of the workpiece.

Work zone – Machines used in large part machining need to have a larger work zone and greater reach.

Advanced equipment – Equipment used for large parts needs to have a larger working area and reach and needs to be more advanced than traditional machines. One technology that allows large parts to be machined is 5-axis machines, such as 5-axis ABS boring machines. Traditional machines require multiple set-ups to rotate the orientation of the part in order to perform the necessary machining steps


CNC machining of multi-size parts

The large dimensions (reaching several or even several metres) of the workpieces to be machined make the process quite specific. It also involves numerous additional challenges that are not present on this scale with traditional machining processes. Very often, large-format components are produced in small batches or as individual pieces. Difficulties include achieving the right level of precision and quality. This is where the technological limitations of the production process come into play.

This is because large sizes translate into high workpiece weight. This can result in problems with the delivery and receipt of the workpiece, as well as its assembly on the work bench. This can be compounded by problems associated with complex shapes. The high clamping forces require solid clamping so that the workpiece is as stable as possible throughout the process. This determines the accuracy of the entire process.

Industrial application of large CNC components

Machines for machining large components are ideal for the production of, for example, rotors, boat hulls or machine bodies and other large idt components. Viewed from this perspective, CNC machining will address the needs of industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, machinery and defence.

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