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Brass washers – diverse industrial applications

Brass washers are widely used in many industries. Their great advantage, which is desirable in most industries, is their very high resistance. In addition, they offer a high-end aesthetic that all spacers do not provide.

Our company is involved in the modern CNC machining of brass and produces the highest quality brass shims, allowing us to call ourselves specialists in our field, giving our customers sound advice and products to optimise their proceedings.

Utilising our improved modern processes, developed machinery and the knowledge of our specialists, we ensure that the resulting parts are then properly tailored to your specified purpose.

In this blog post, we would like to show you the main industries in which the use of brass washers will work well.

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What are brass shims?

Shims are components that aim to regulate the space (clearance) between two surfaces. They are usually flat parts that play a major role in the overall operation of the machine. They are often used on the shaft, where the clearance between the locking ring and the bearing needs to be adjusted.

Brass, due to its properties, is often the material of choice for shims. In the next paragraph, we will focus on its best features, which we can easily use to enjoy a top-quality workflow.

Brass shims industrial applications

As pioneers in the manufacture of bespoke shims, we have the knowledge and experience to understand how each material works. Below are 4 different industries where the need for brass shims is greatest.

  • Electrical and white goods industries:

Brass washers are needed in areas related to the wider electrical industry. Due to their high level of conductivity, they can withstand high voltages. They can safely and effectively maintain optimum operation of lighting and household appliances. In addition, brass does not spark and can withstand low levels of friction.

It is worth mentioning that its golden shades make it aesthetically very popular.

  • Music industry:

Brass is often used in instruments because it is malleable, strong and has excellent acoustic properties. Our brass washers are able to assist in orchestral activities, working with all other brass materials.

  • Marine/hydraulic industry:

Brass washers provide high resistance to water corrosion, so they are often found as supports for pipelines, tubing and other marine environments, especially when adjusting valve spring pressure. Additionally, it has anti-corrosion properties against gas, oil, fuel and alcohol.

  • Machinery industry:

Machinery or other such places where friction is present can benefit from brass for shims. Whether sealing joints or filling gaps between two components, it can keep systems running smoothly for a long time. A hugely important property in this case is its durability.

If you have any questions about brass shims, please do not hesitate to contact our specialists.